Venue Buyout

Served family style, our Buyout Menu is the best way to make your event shine and most importantly, run smoothly. Browse our savory and sweet selections HERE. Our venue can accommodate up to 180 people and is ideal for parties of 75-180 guests.

Beverages are charged based on consumption.

As for the space, our sala is yours. You'll have the entire restaurant to yourself for six (6) hours (including set-up and clean-up).

Required: We'll need a signed event contract and a 20% non-refundble deposit to secure your reservation.

Venue Requirements:
Lunch: $10,000
starts before 3pm

Dinner: $12,000
starts after 4pm

Menu: Cost per person
Lunch: $45/adult - $20/child*
Dinner: $60/adult - $27/child*
*5-12 years old
Buyout Menu

Contract: Fax to (626) 793-2225
Buyout Contract


Best times to call the restaurant:
Monday to Friday: 2PM-8PM.
Call (626) 793-5200

Tablecloth & Napkin Rentals

We offer a wide range of colors

$3 & up – per table cloth
$0.75 – per napkin

Please call (626) 793-5200 for details

Restaurant Buyout FAQ

Is there a room charge?
We don't have a room charge, however we have a Minimum Requirement per adult for Large Group Reservation. For private and restaurant buyout events, we have Room or Venue Requirements.

What is the Venue Requirement for restaurant buyout events?
To guarantee exclusive use of the Dining Room (or Patio), a Venue Requirement is determined based on the time of the day. If your bill doesn’t meet it, the difference will be a consumable and can be used towards beverages and additional food. The remaining balance of any unused funds will be added to your bill.

Venue Requirement
Lunch: $10,000*
Dinner: $12,000*

*Prices shown don't include beverages, tax or gratuity

What is a consumable?
The amount difference between your minimum requirement and your estimate is called a consumable. The consumable can be used towards beverages and additional food, and MUST be used on the day of the event. Any unused consumable will be added to your bill.

How many guests sit at a table?
Places are set for 6 people. One menu set is served per table. If your party includes babies and children, please let us know if you'd like to alter the seating arrangement. For instance, it may be better to have 6 adults and 2 children at one table, which will be served one menu set.

May I bring food or dessert?
Other than dessert items (cake, cupcakes, candy), we do not allow outside food to be brought in or served at your event. Ice cream is available for events. Please see dinner menu for flavors and prices.

Are you kid-friendly?
We have high chairs but don't have a kids' menu.

If I bring a cake, will Saladang Garden cut the cake?
Yes! We are happy to offer complimentary cake cutting for Venue Buyouts.

Do you provide a cake stand?
We have one cake stand that is eight inches in diameter.

Do you provide easels for events?
Unfortunately, we don’t have any easels at this time.

May I bring liquor?
Saladang Garden has a beer and wine license only. We don't have a hard liquor license and will not tolerate customers bringing hard liquor, even if it's a party favor. If any customer refuses to remove the liquor from the premises, we have the right to refuse service.

Is menu tasting available
Unfortunately, we do not offer menu tasting.

May I bring wine? Is there a corkage fee?
Yes. Corkage fee is $25 per 750ml bottle and $45 per bottle over 750ml.

May I decorate the space?
Yes! All private events are contracted for 6 (six) hours. This includes any setup or clean-up time. We don't allow glitter. If you'd like to to extend your event time, an additional $200 for every 30 minutes will be charged. Please make these arrangements in advance to guarantee space.

Do you provide center pieces?
All of our inside tables have flower center pieces (not guaranteed). The outside tables don't have center pieces.

Do you provide a white backdrop for the head table?
Unfortunately, we do not offer backdrops.

Do you offer a backdrop?
We don't offer the backdrop seen in many event photos hosted at our restaurant.

May I bring vendors, such as a balloon artist or a makeup artist?
Vendors must be approved with the management prior to the event. Any type of bubbles are not allowed inside or outside Saladang Garden, as guests and/or employees may slip. We don't allow pets or animals in the restaurant, aside from service dogs.

Can the restaurant accommodate different food allergies?
Please alert your server to any allergies prior to ordering. Some ingredients may be omitted; however dishes that are marinated and slow-cooked cannot be modified. We cannot guarantee that any of our products are free from allergens (including dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, wheat, and other allergens) as we use shared equipment to store, prepare, and serve them.

Can I bring my pet or other animals?
We don't allow pets or animals in the restaurant, aside from service dogs.